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Any drug crime can be considered a serious offense and depending on the type and amount of drug involved, you may face felony or misdemeanor charges and extremely harsh penalties. In Utah, laws against drug crimes cover a broad range of offenses ranging from simple possession to trafficking. Illegal street drugs and prescription drugs are also covered under potential drug-related offenses.



Drug Distribution

The crime of drug distribution involves transporting drugs from one location to another. This can include transporting drugs from one state to another, one country to another or simply transporting drugs from one location to another for the purpose of sale or other type of illegal activity.

Drug Manufacturing

Narcotics can either be manufactured or cultivated. Cultivation typically refers to growing cannabis plants. If you do not have a license for manufacturing the drug, then manufacturing is considered a crime according to the controlled substances act.

Sale of Drugs

Those found in possession of a narcotic might also be arrested for the sale of that drug. Law enforcement may determine that there was intent to sell if there was a large amount of the drug, excessive cash on the person, or drugs that are packaged in a certain way.

Drug Trafficking

This crime is associated with the black market and involves smuggling or transporting illegal narcotics or even prescription drugs across borders for the purpose of sale or trade.

Drug Possession

Simple possession can be the least-severe type of drug crime, but it should still be dealt with seriously. In these cases, it is not uncommon to be able to accept a plea deal for a lesser penalty or to be offered probation.

Synthetic Drugs

In recent times, synthetic drugs have been made illegal both to possess and to sell. These include manufactured substances that mimic LSD and marijuana such as K2, Spice and Bath Salts.

drug offense penalties Utah

Utah Code Section 58-37-8 lists out specific drug crimes and their penalties under Utah state legislature. According to this section, it is illegal to distribute a controlled substance or narcotic. It is also illegal to possess a controlled substance with the intent to distribute. To “distribute” may mean to sell it or also to give it to another person.

 According to Section 58.37.8, a person who is found guilty of drug distribution or drug possession with the intent to distribute may “…be sentenced to imprisonment for an indeterminate term as provided by law…” and will face harsher penalties if a firearm was involved in the commission of the offense.


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