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Probation violations can occur for a variety of reasons. In many cases, when someone is criminally sentenced, they will find that they are facing criminal penalties that include incarceration. In some situations, however, the judge may decide that in lieu of having the defendant spent the entire sentence in prison or jail, they may serve some of their time on what is known as probation- sometimes they will spend their entire sentence on probation instead. This is basically a supervised sentence. The defendant isn’t exactly walking free, but they certainly have more freedom then they would in jail or prison.

Probation, however, is not without its strings. In fact, probationary terms will always come with certain terms that must be met by the defendant. This could be having a curfew, not having contact with a certain person or could even be staying away from certain locations. Almost always, one of the terms will be in keeping contact and having regular meetings with a probation or parole officer. These don’t seem all too difficult but violating these terms can be all too easy.



While it seems that these are seemingly simple, the truth is that the probation process can be grossly unfair to the defendant – can be setup for them to fail. The stringent rules are complex; law enforcement officers will be on high alert to look for any mistakes and even a toe out of line could be enough for them to claim you violated your probation. Should you be successful convicted, you will find that you are facing additional penalties and could end up going to prison or jail regardless. For example, just some of the ways in which a probation violation can occur includes the following:
Failing to report to your probation officer.
Failing administered alcohol, drug or urine tests.
Being convicted of a new criminal charge.
Failing to report any address changes.


Failing to participate in mandated treatment programs.



At Rocky Mountain Defenders, PC, we know that there is likely considerable confusion that you are facing. This is not a simple process and without the legal assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, it is all too easy to find yourself confused about where to turn. It is for this reason that we encourage you to consult with our firm as soon as possible. We know the intricate nature of probations and we know the ways in which they can seemingly be violated. Don’t let yourself simply accept the consequences – let us fight for a positive outcome.

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