What to Expect if You’re on Probation in Utah

Ways You May Unknowingly Violate Probation

If you are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime in the state of Utah, you may serve jail time and be placed on probation after you’re done serving time. However, in some cases, you may only have to serve probation, which is a supervised sentence. Depending on the degree of the crime, your probation sentence may range anywhere from one to three years. If you follow all the terms of the agreement, you may be eligible for a shorter probation sentence. That being said, it’s easy to violate the terms of your probation. Often times, it’s because the defendant doesn’t know or fully understand the conditions, and makes a seemingly innocent mistake — like failing to report an address change. Other potential probation violations include:

  • Not staying in contact with probation officer
  • Testing positive for drugs or alcohol
  • Possessing a firearm
  • Violating curfew
  • Skipping out on community service

If you are accused of a probation violation, you will need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to help you fight the allegations and potential new charges. The consequences of a probation violation vary from a warning, additional fees or jail time.

Rewarded for Good Behavior

If you successfully complete probation in Utah, you may be eligible to reduce your conviction by one or two grades, and you may ask the court to have your criminal conviction record expunged (removed). This can be a complex process, and there are several criteria you must meet. The following cases cannot be expunged:

  • Capitol felony, first degree felony, violent felony
  • Felony automobile homicide
  • Felony DUI, reckless driving
  • Registered sex offense
  • Registered child abuse offense

If you can successfully expunge your criminal conviction record, the court would order the history of your case to be sealed, including the record of your arrest. The expungement order only applies to government agencies.

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